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About NUR Interactive

We’re a digital experience development company

Get to Know Us

We build the future.

NUR Interactive is a technology solution provider offers a full set of development and digital services from web and applications development to digital marketing,  consulting and digital transformation.

From a simple idea to a full-fledged digital services company, we offer our services to  businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries around the globe. We are client-focused, customer-centric focused on providing a creative digital solution to our clients to help them communicate their message, services and products across all digital mediums.

The NUR Interactive team consists of professional developers, Graphic and UI designers, digital marketing experts, project managers, and many more skilled individuals who are always at your beck and call, doing their utmost to deliver measurable results that will ensure your goals are realized. Our diverse skills  in information technology and management ensures we deliver on our promises. Each of us is an expert in their field with a comprehensive skill set that complements the collective know-how of NUR Interactive as a whole. With over 100 years of combined experience in the digital industry, you can rest assured that our team is more than capable of tackling any issue you might face during your digital journey by providing creative and up-to-date solutions guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

In addition to that, since our experts have a global presence  in Saudi Arabia, United States, Egypt and Jordan, the knowledge crossover and the wide-reaching network we have can widely benefit our partners’ expansion plans and ensures they are kept up to date with the latest global trends and industry developments. Our team is always near you, ready to help no matter where you are.

Your Partner In Success

NUR Interactive is with you every step of the way to digital proficiency. We treat all our clients as partners with whom we share success and growth.

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